Best iPhone Mobile Security Apps 2016 Missing From Best of List

Best iPhone Mobile Security Apps

I was looking forward to Apple’s Best iPhone Apps 2016 List, for one and one reason only. I wanted to see the list of the Best iPhone Mobile Security Apps 2016. Alright, you got me, so it not a thing, but maybe it should be. If you search the App Store, you can find security and safety apps, but finding the right app can be difficult and time-consuming.

Best iPhone Mobile Security Apps 2016Honestly, it did not come as a surprise that the apps judged to be the best by Apple did not include any security apps, but I was still disappointed. The apps selected as the best are not necessary the most popular or best-selling, they tend to be apps that take advantage of the iPhones technological capabilities. So why not have a Best iPhone Mobile Security Apps 2016 category.

Security and safety is a niche market, some would even say it’s a necessary evil that lacks fun, sex appeal, and I would agree. Except, Mobile Security and Safety Apps can help provide a safe and secure environment where we live, work, learn, and play. It’s simply a matter of finding the right app that addresses your security and safety needs or allows you to manage your physical security needs remotely with a simple touch of your phone screen.

As a security consultant, I am always looking for new ways in which technology can enhance security and safety. We rely on our smartphones and handheld devices more and more to stay connected to our work, family, and friends. It’s time to embrace Mobile Security and Safety Solutions in the same vein as we did with digital entertainment and social media.

At PalmCentrix we are doing our part to bring app developers and the end user together by providing access to the best Mobile Security and Safety Solutions in The Palm of Your Hand. Our Best iPhone Mobile Security Apps 2016 List may not be fun, but they are helping to provide safe and secure environments where we live, work, learn, and play.

Our Best iPhone Apps of 2016 – Mobile Security and Safety Solutions Category included DragonForce, RejjeeReportit, Ruvna, and ZipBridge. To learn more about PalmCentrix and our growing list of Mobile Security and Safety Solutions visit us at PalmCentrix.

What was your favorite Mobile Security and Safety App of 2016?  We are always looking for new apps and mobile security devices to add to our portfolio of mobile technologies.

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Bernard D. Gollotti, CCP is an ASIS International Board Certified Security Professional with over 30 years of real-world experience across multiple market verticals and disciplines. Ben founded PalmCentrix, LLC to connect end users to mobile security and safety solutions that you can use in the palm of your hand. He is also President/CEO of LARGO Consulting Services, LLC providing physical security consulting services, security industry specific social media consulting services, and business development consulting services in the Greater Philadelphia area.