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Security apps know the difference between native,  mobile web, and hybrid security apps, it will help you make the right mobile security solution decision. Knowing the difference between Native Apps – Mobile Web Apps – Hybrid Apps in an important part of security apps and safety apps selection process. Think about it, would you pick an access control system, CCTV system, or alarm system without knowing the difference between how the systems work?

There is no question about it native security apps and mobile web security apps will and areSecurity Apps Types Security Apps Know The Difference playing an important role in protecting our students, employees, family members, pets, and ourselves. We also rely on apps to protect our home, business, and personal property.

Knowing the difference between app types and how they work must be an important part of your decision-making process.

Native Security Apps – Security Apps Know The Difference

Native apps are downloaded from an app store, installed on your device, and are activated by simply touching the screen. The apps are developed to run on your operating system of choice and utilize your devices built in features.

Native security apps may use the devices built in features such as GPS technology, communications, your contact list, camera, and speaker to perform various security related task or functions. The apps operate natively meaning they work without the need to be online.

Mobile Web Security Apps – Security Apps Know The Difference

Using the term app to describe a mobile app is a misnomer since the app icon is simply a conduit to connect the user to a website. Once you link to the website the user experience is like that of a native app, but you need to be online for it to work. Some Developers may provide access through an app store to download the icon, but most rely on the user to download the icon. One of the developer benefits associated with mobile web app development is the ability to create cross-platform mobile applications that work on multiple devices regardless of the operating system.

Downloading Mobile Web App Icons

To install mobile web icons on an Apple device launch Safari, navigate to the site, tap the share icon, and tap the Add to Home Screen icon. Once you are at the Add to Home Screen tap, Add to place the icon directly on your screen.

Installing a mobile web icon on an Android device is just as easy, launch Google Chrome, navigate to the website, tap the menu icon, tap Add to Home Screen, and tap Add. The next time you need to access the website you can do so quickly by tapping the site icon.

Hybrid Security Apps – Security Apps Know The Difference

Not to complicate things, but you should know that there is a third type of app which is a part native app and part mobile web app call a hybrid app. Hybrid security apps are available through app stores and use your device’s features but are web applications that rely on an embedded browser to work.

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So, what type of app provides the best security app solution? It depends on your specific security needs, desired feature set, and access to a reliable network. As with any decision impacting the security and safety of your students, employees, family members, pets or yourself, you need to evaluate all your options. Native apps, mobile web apps, and hybrid apps each have strengths and weaknesses you just need to decide and weigh the benefits and make an informed decision.

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