Mobile Physical Security Solution Apps Where Are They

Mobile Physical Security Solution Apps

During a recent meeting with a client, our conversation turned to Mobile Physical Security Solution Apps and how come no one talks much about them. My client made a good point; he has an Access Control System and a CCTV system which are both supported through Mobile Physical Security Solution Apps.

Not once has the sales representative mentioned the fact that there is a security app that allows remote access to manage the Access Control or CCTV systems. The apps may not provide full functionality of the system, but at least let the client know that a solution exist.Mobile Physical Security Solution Apps

Mobile security apps and safety apps allow security professionals to work more efficiently no longer do we need to be at your desk to gain access to security systems. If you want to know the direction the security industry is going, just look at the consumer electronics. Everything is the Internet of Things, Do it Yourself, cost effective with the ability to control everything from the palm of your hand.

Shouldn’t you be able to manage your electronic security systems from the palm of your hand?  If not, why not? Is network security an issue? Is part of the problem cost vs. free? Sales people make commissions on the hardware, software, services, and licenses, not so much on apps. For most companies, Mobile Physical Solution Apps are a throw in, maybe even a necessary evil to satisfy clients.

We are starting to see the emergence of non-enterprise level systems security and safety solutions that are app centric, mostly in the home market, but they are coming. It’s only a matter of time before we start to see major system providers move toward mobile security solutions that you control from the palm of your hand.

Do you have a favorite mobile security solution app? Are you using an app-centric electronic security system? We would like to hear from you, so send us an email or give us a call. Who knows your security app, safety app, or solution could be on our site.

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Bernard D. Gollotti, CCP is an ASIS International Board Certified Security Professional with over 30 years of real-world experience across multiple market verticals and disciplines. Ben founded PalmCentrix, LLC to connect end users to mobile security and safety solutions that you can use in the palm of your hand. He is also President/CEO of LARGO Consulting Services, LLC providing physical security consulting services, security industry specific social media consulting services, and business development consulting services in the Greater Philadelphia area.