Getting Hacked Sucks – I Should Have Known Better

Getting Hacked Sucks

Getting hacked sucks! I knew something was wrong when I received an email notice from LinkedIn that “You’ve successfully changed your LinkedIn password.” I received the email at 3:33 pm while I was standing in line to get ice cream with my daughter and noticed the change was made using […]

Ransomware Think Before You Click It Or Open It


What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a malicious software that stops you from using your computer. The cryptoviral attack prevents assess to your files or applications until you pay a “ransom” to unlock the files. Ransomware works by either locking your screen and or by encrypting your files preventing you from […]

Mobile Physical Security Solution Apps Where Are They

Mobile Physical Security Solution Apps

During a recent meeting with a client, our conversation turned to Mobile Physical Security Solution Apps and how come no one talks much about them. My client made a good point; he has an Access Control System and a CCTV system which are both supported through Mobile Physical Security Solution […]

Picking Mobile Security Solutions A 5 Step Process

How do you go about picking mobile security solutions? It is not an easy process, but by becoming an educated consumer, you can make the right choices. Step 1 – Define The Problem – Picking Mobile Security Solutions What is the problem you are trying to resolve? Determine if it […]

Optimizing Apples Two Factor Authentication Security

Two Factor Authentication Blur

Should you optimize Apple’s Two Factor Authentication? I recently received a new MacBook Pro for Christmas (I was due… I got a good ten years out of my previous MacBook with zero complaints).  One of the features that were enabled by default in the latest OS release (Sierra) was Apple’s […]

Security Apps Know The Difference Between Native and Web

Security Apps

Security apps know the difference between native,  mobile web, and hybrid security apps, it will help you make the right mobile security solution decision. Knowing the difference between Native Apps – Mobile Web Apps – Hybrid Apps in an important part of security apps and safety apps selection process. Think […]

Do We Need To Be Reminded About Password Security

Oh, sure, just what you wanted to read, another stupid blog about password security (or lack thereof).  I’m sure you want to read this about as much as I want to write it – but I think it’s important. If you are like me, you have read countless articles about […]