PalmCentrix Welcomes Ruvna As A Mobile Security Solutions Partner

PalmCentrix Welcomes Ruvna real-time emergency alerts for students

PalmCentrix Welcomes Ruvna PalmCentrix Welcomes Ruvna to our portfolio of mobile security solutions. As the President and CEO of PalmCentrix, I am pleased to announce that we have partnered with Ruvna to bring schools a mobile security solution that “Accounts for Students in Real-Time During Emergencies.” PalmCentrix Welcomes Ruvna to […]

ZipBridge Simplifies Team Communication During Emergencies

ZipBridge Logo With Tag Banner

ZipBridge simplifies team communication to connect your team by phone during any emergency. One of the most important parts of any emergency preparedness plan is the ability to assemble your team. ZipBridge simplifies team communication by providing a way to connect your entire team on a conference call by simply […]