DragonForce Mobile Team Collaboration Tool

DragonForce Mobile Team Collaboration Powered By Drakontas

DragonForce empowers you and your teammates to share information in real time: instant messaging, location, photo and document sharing, collaborative whiteboards, and more. Built for mobile team operations, DragonForce gives your team a common operating picture, allowing them to plan, communicate and act more quickly, safely and effectively.

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DragonForce Surge extends your “Common Operating Picture” to first responders from multiple agencies in less than 90 seconds by turning ordinary smartphones into mission critical communications devices. Dragon Force’s collaboration tools: personnel tracking, text messaging, file sharing, digital forms, and team whiteboarding provides teams of users the shared situational awareness they need to plan, respond and report more quickly safely and effectively.

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The PalmCentrix team is available to answer any questions, schedule a demo, provide setup and managed services for your DragonForce account, and provide training.

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