Report It – Anonymous and Confidential Incident Reporting

Report It

Report It – Anonymous and Confidential Incident Reporting App

See it, Say it, Report it

You have heard it said many times, “If you See Something, Say Something. But how do we make this powerful statement a simple reality? The solution is the new report it community engagement platform.


With report it concerned employees, students, and community members can report suspicious or unusual activities in real time while having the confidence that their identity will remain anonymous and confidential.

report it makes it easy to create a report, attach a photo or video, with assurance that the information is forwarded to the proper authority or agency in real time. With the time and location of the incident, authorities can better respond and provide the right resources quickly and efficiently.

  • Increase Employee, Student, and Community Involvement for a Safer Community
  • Send valuable non-emergency information quickly and efficiently
  • Suspicious activity
  • Safety Concerns
  • Quality of Life Concerns
  • Provide important details including
    Who, What, Where and When
  • Sends photos with GPS coordinates and map

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