Ruvna – Account For Student During An Emergency

PalmCentrix Welcomes Ruvna real-time emergency alerts for students

Ruvna Accounts For Students In Real-Time In An Emergency

Ruvna is the tool schools use to account for students during an emergency or drill. Ruvna replaces outdated and inefficient pen-and-paper emergency rosters and allows schools to keep track of students. By being able to account for students in real-time, Ruvna maximizes a school’s emergency response efficiency when every second matters. With Ruvna in place, schools waste no time identifying exactly which students are missing or need attention.

When an emergency occurs, Ruvna shows teachers a list of the students that should be in their class at that time. Teachers take roll by just tapping the names of the students accounted for, and doing nothing with the names of the students they are missing. As teachers indicate which students they have, Ruvna identifies students that are still unaccounted for during an emergency. If a student is with a different staff member, that staff member can manually check-in the student, letting both that student’s teacher and administration know that the student is safe.  In real-time, administrators, first responders, and law enforcement can monitor progress and ensure no student is left behind, right from the palm of their hand.

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