ZipBridge – Outbound Emergency Conference Call Service

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ZipBridge Instant Outbound Emergency Conference Call Service

ZipBridge is a conference call service that instantly brings your team together on a conference call in the event of an emergency. You can easy launch the call from your mobile device contacts list or your computer. ZipBridge sends outbound calls to all the members of your team simultaneously – connecting them on a conference call as they answer!

ZipBridge provides an easy to setup and launch mobile security solution for emergency preparedness teams, security directors, security professionals, public safety professionals, law enforcement agencies, large or small businesses, healthcare institutions, malls, transportation services, critical infrastructure facilities, homeowner associations, K-12 schools, colleges, and universities.

ZipBridge In The Palm Of Your Hand

  • Step 1 – Setup Your ZipBridge Account
  • Step 2 – Login
  • Step 3 – Setup Your Group(s)
  • Step 4 – Add Members To The Group(s)
  • Step 5 – Add The Launch Number To Your Contact List

Yes, it’s that easy. Setup takes less than 15 minutes and when you are ready to launch a call go to your mobile device contact list and start the call.

Request More Information, Demo or Pricing

The PalmCentrix team is available to answer any questions, schedule a demo, provide setup and managed services for your ZipBridge account, and provide training.

PalmCentrix is an agent of ZipBridge and is compensated by ZipBridge based on sales generated by or through representatives of PalmCentrix. The use of ZipBridge teleconferencing services is governed by the ZipBridge Terms of Services and not PalmCentrix unless otherwise agreed to in writing by both parties.

PalmCentrix’s business relationship with ZipBridge is based on the understanding that the service provided by ZipBridge is being provided on a best effort, as-is basis. PalmCentrix assumes no risks and or costs associated with the use of the service, including the inability to initiate, complete or access a call, call quality, the number of users on a call, call recording, call management, and any customer data stored on the ZipBridge systems.